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What is Alpine Camp?

“As the night is transitioning to morning and the tent is warming up in the first rays of the morning sun, I am awakened by the soft singing of the birds and a cricket sound from the distance. It is so pleasantly quiet and peaceful that I would rather not get up and enjoy the beauty that surrounding nature has to offer. But when I hear the zippers from my friends’ tents opening, I quickly jump out of my sleeping bag and out of the tent. Every day I am surprised by the beautiful views, friends and new adventures that cannot be described in words. You have to experience them. This is Alpine Camp.” (participant of Alpine camp about the camp)

Program description

Due to the excellent location offered by the district of Bovec, the program of the Alpine camp offers a wide selection of activities. You can choose activities that you like and spend a seven-day vacation in a beautiful nature as it suits you. As long as the weather conditions allow, several different activities are organized every day, including more difficult hiking tours in high mountains, easier hikes in the mid-mountains and sightseeing tours of local attractions. Various social activities for adults and activities/games for children are also organized at the campsite. There is also a volleyball court at the campsite and a river nearby it. A team of climbers will introduce you to the basics of climbing in a local climbing site, where you can also try if you like it. Families with children are also welcomed at the camp and we prepare two daily activities for children.

At this year’s Alpine camp, you will be able to choose from the following activities:
• tourist tours of the natural and historical sights of the Pošočje region,
• sports activities (easy and more difficult hiking tours, obstacle course, climbing, swimming, rowing, volleyball…),
• adrenaline activities (rafting, canyoning, hydrospeed) – additional payment required
• spiritual stories (short but practical thoughts that reach the heart),
• survival workshops (outdoor bivouac, orientation, workshops on wild food, natural pharmacy, survival skills and practical use of various things),
• time for yourself (everyone needs a break).

Information for Alpine camp 2024


From Sunday, August 11th (official start at 2 p.m.) to Sunday, August 18th (end at 3 p.m.) 2024.


Campsite near the village of Čezsoča (Bovec, Slovenia)


€175 for employed, €145 for students, high school students and unemployed, €60 for the first child in primary school, €40 for the second child in primary school (and the same for third and so on), free for preschool children. 


+386 41 756 346 (Gregor Česnik)